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"Seigneur Je te prie garde ma vie"
( Lord I pray thee guard my life)
This page is dedicated to gathering information on the Ensell Family history.

From it's  earliest roots the Ensell family has had a strong and

prestigious history. My name is P. John Ensell and, along with other relatives, have been working on The Ensell Family Genealogy. This page will contain some of the information that we have gathered on the family in the United States. We hope that through the Internet we will be able to reach family throughout the world.
Early History
The history of the family is believed to have originated in Bohemia. The belief is that the family name was Tyzack. When war broke out the Tyzack and Tytery (not sure of the spelling) families migrated to Vosges in the country of Lorraine in France. The family Under the name of  De Henzell were Glass Manufactures and was awarded the French Coat of Arms, which was set up in the Duke of Lorraine's window gallery amongst other Gentleman's Coat of Arms. The Story continues that the family migrated to England when France and Germany fought for control of Lorraine. The Family has a long history In England as Glass Manufacturers. The Family was awarded the title Of Gentlemen Glass Makers in England. The family has since spread out all over the world and is still growing. This is dedicated to gathering  information on The Ensells and keeping their proud history alive.
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P. John Ensell

This page is dedicated to:
John R. Ensell
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Ensell Family history alive.
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